How to Be a Good Employee

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How to be a good employee

In today's society, it is very challenging to find good employees. Good hires are not happening by accident or luck anymore. Yet, employers also recognize that valuable employees are quickly becoming rare commodity. There is a lot of confusion these days whether a person is competent or not. Most times, employers don't know what kind of workers they have hired until it is too late. Hiring the wrong people may lead to a serious disaster. Some skills are universal to every job, and others are job specific. All jobs require a good work ethic and problem solving. The profile of a good employee includes a variety of personal attributes, work qualities, and being a team player.

First, great attributes of an employee can bring good news. Every employee should appreciate differences in others. He or she builds constructive relationships to the benefit of the organization. It is rare for a person who waits and listens before acting. Yet, carefully listening to instructions will reduce mistakes and prevent accidents. Practicing on giving credit to others, whenever complemented on a job well done, always share the spotlight with those who helped. This will improve and strengthen morale among fellow employees. It will also build trust among them, for they will be confident on someone will look out and speak up for them, especially when no one else will. Social interaction is sometimes lost in a work place. Often people especially teens and young adults who were not taught better, do not know how to interact with others. When someone addresses another employee, one should kindly respond. Letting the person know that they were heard is a common courtesy. This alone will set someone apart from others who routinely say nothing, but stare blankly into space. Responding to people is just another way of showing them that they matter. An employee's attributes can influence their ability to work and relate with others.

Second, employees should have...
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