How to Be Successful Business Manager

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How to be successful Business Manager


Everyone desired to success. In the business field, becoming a successful manager is what the majority long for . No body changes into a well-rounded manager overnight. Learning is necessary for everyone during this process. “People learn to manage by managing under guidance of a good manager”----Michael Armstrong. Experiences can undoubtedly be an excellent tutor for success, but having a good guide can further allow one to make use of his or her experiences into the largest extent. 

Being a successful manager requires a huge amount of skills and knowledge. In this paper, not all elements will be mentioned, but the five essential elements have been chosen to be discussed: work smart , risk management, interpersonal talent and skills, Self-management and Leadership skills.

Work Smart – Work Effectively and Efficiently

To express how to work smartly, Susanne Madsen, a PRINCE2 and MSP practitioner and a qualified Corporate and Executive coach, tells us her tale of success. Work smarter, not harder, as explained by Susanne, means working less and accomplishing more by increasing the working quality. (2)

To get things done wisely, she highlights the significance for correcting one’s internal persuasion and attitude towards his or her task that it is not a burden. One could , then, get the vigor for working again. According to the writer’s own experience, she shows that self-assessment and continuous self-adjustment are the paramount importance for success. She also suggests two key points: first, is deputation. A manager should depute the less vital jobs to the others and use those times to communicate more with the major person associated to the project for developing a better linkage with them. Second, is initiative. A manager should get a more well-round plan at the beginning instead of responding the incident or risk when it has been occurred.

I am glad to read the inspirational article written by a top leader in the world. She gives a great arousal to me. Her sharing and skills are useful, not only at the workplace, but also at the senior academic level. I believe that many college students, just like me, are having the improper belief that the project is burdensome. Why can’t I alter my mindset to abandon the constraints and step up to success smartly? Just try it!


Walter Vieira (2005) proves that people refuse to face realistic self-image and idealistic self-image is biased,(p.33) and so to evade the results of their SWOT analysis which about their advantages, disadvantages, opportunities and threat environment.(p.34) However, people do not understand their strength and weakness, will not be able to strengthen and improve , they cannot develop their abilities. In addition, they need to assess that whether they have the basis element include a positive goal, ambition and energy .They also need to know whether they have clearly aware of their thoughts adaptable ,witty and creativity.

He said that people have two reason of requesting an identity, one is for higher living standards, and another is satisfying others' expectation. He agreed with Cyrus Vance that people always evaluate their progress with friends. They were unhappy because their achievements are worse than the others. (p.35) Therefore he reminded that people not to compare and assess their progress with others, because different people do different things ,will have different progress, as long as compliance with their own plans on the line.(p.35-36) But learning from observing others ,and the through others to observe their own, then the combined best quality of themselves and others.(p.36)

In my opinion, successful managers need to have a correct plan; in order to achieve their positive goals. I think Walter Vieira missed this important point. Therefore, they should know how to assess whether their plan is feasible under environment efforts. For example,...
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