How to be an Organized Student- informative speech

Topics: Management, University, Student Pages: 3 (804 words) Published: October 5, 2013
Topic: Why it’s important to be organized as a college student

Specific Purpose:To inform my audience of ways to improve being organized as a college student to succeed well in their lives & be less stressed.

Thesis Statement: As a college student, we tend to lead very busy lives, especially once you get into your upperclassman years. Staying organized during this time can greatly help you avoid unneeded stress as well as shape you into a better adult for your post-college jobs.

Introduction I. Do you have good time management skills?
II. Do you actively keep a daily planner to plan ahead for assignments each week?
III. Did you know that actively organizing one thing per day, no matter how big or small can have a significant impact on how organized you can be?
IV. Keeping organized can also positively affect your physical, mental and emotional states.
V. In my speech, I will discuss more in-depth how these topics can lead to a successful less-stressful organized life as a busy college student.

Body: I. Having a time management system is crucial to being well organized. A. At any level in college, whether a first year or senior, being able to successfully manage your time is imperative. B. Time in college seems to be a commodity when you’re lacking it. (About, Organized) C. Keep trying new systems until you find one that works for you. (About, Time Management) D. Allow for flexibility within your schedule and make time to relax. (About, Time Management)

II. Spend time keeping a weekly planner and plan ahead for assignments & activities. A. Use a planner to put all important syllabi dates for every class in it to keep track of when things become due. (About, Time Management) B. Also keep track of dates when classes may be cancelled to accommodate for those changes. (Ten Tips) C. Use your planner to also keep track of grades.

D. Sometimes you may not know your grade and your professor may not like being bombarded with...
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