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Topics: Marketing, Marketing plan, Strategic management Pages: 33 (4531 words) Published: May 2, 2013

School of Business & Law

BA Semester 1

Course Outline for:

April , 2013.

Assignment Deadline:

19th of June, 2013.

BA 1

Purpose and the status of your

Course Outline Booklet

The purpose of this Course Outline Booklet is to provide you with information about the course which is delivered at the London School of Commerce which includes an overview of the programme and module information.

This document should be read alongside your Student Handbook, which was issued to you during your Registration session. These documents contain standard information about studying at the London School of Commerce and both are available to read and download online via the Student Portal.

This Course Outline Booklet should be your first point of reference throughout your course of study. The material is as accurate as possible at the time of writing and distribution to you. The School reserves the right to make any necessary changes or adjustments as required. Updated versions can be found on the Student Portal as noted above.

We will keep you informed via your Course Administrator or Programme Leader or Tutor or online via your Student Portal as may be required when any such changes occur.

You should also read in conjunction the relevant information from our partner University responsible for the Award for which you are studying via

Your comments on any improvements to this Course Outline Booklet are welcome - please put them in writing via email to:

We wish you every success in your studies with us.

David Staley

Student Services Manager

• Inform the School of ANY changes to your personal details (i.e. UK residential address, telephone number, mobile number, next of kin etc.) • Provide the School with any changes to your Passport details. • Inform the School of any significant changes in circumstances. • Immediately inform the School if you are found in breach or violation of UK Laws. (i.e. Police, Immigration or other UK Government authorities). • To attend all lectures as stated on your timetable.

• To submit on time all assignments.
• To sit for all examinations as stated on your timetable. • Inform the School if you decide to defer, suspend your studies or withdraw from your course. • If in the opinion of the School you are found to be disruptive, do not attend or are not making academic progress, the School has the right to terminate your registration at any time. • Travel during term time is NOT permitted except in the event of exceptional mitigating circumstances. Students who travel overseas at any period without a letter of authority for the UK immigration authorities may be detained at passport control.

• To leave the UK immediately, or vary your leave to remain, if you defer, suspend your studies, withdraw from your course or have your registration terminated by the School and provide the School evidence of the same. • To ensure the School has a copy of your up-to-date visa or evidence that you have legal leave to remain, such as UK Border Agency correspondence, while your visa application is in process. • To fulfil the compliance guidelines as written on your Student Visa. If you have no work rights, then you are not allowed to work. • Students who are required to register with the Police as stated on their visa must do so and provide evidence of police registration to the School. • To notify the UK Border Agency if you change your education provider.

As a Tier 4 Sponsor, the UK Border Agency requires LSC/SBL to do the following:

• Keep up-to-date copies of the Passport and Visas of all students. • Ensure that...
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