How Technology Has Affected Families

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Many people can argue that technology has affected families in many ways. Some

people could see technology in a positive way, and others can see technology in a

negative way. I would like to share some information on how technology has affected

families now and days. After reading this research paper I hope you have a better

understanding on how technology has had an impact on families. It is up to you to

determine how technology has affected your family.

It is astonishing how much of technology exist and is needed in people’s homes.

Sometimes it seems that we have made technology part of our lives. Can we actually say

that we could live without some sort of technology in our homes? Two forms of tech-

nology that has grown even more in people’s home have been computers and televisions.

Morrison and Krugman have noted that “Approximately 49% of U.S. homes have a

computer and 37% have a pc with internet access”. They also stated back in 2001 that

“By the year 2003 65% of U.S. homes would have a computer and 58% would have

internet access”. I could only imagine what these percentages are now in 2011? In my

opinion this shows that a lot of us use or need some sort of technology in this era.

Now knowing these percentages, may someone ask if technology has affected

families? I believe that there is no more quality time among families. I see and hear a lot

Less people talking about going camping rather than going to the movies. Now and days

people need internet access to go by their daily lives and activities. Brad Stone mentioned

in an article that he wrote for the New York Times that “In the last century many families

in the U.S. never had an issue with technology being a factor as to how much family time

they spent together”. I believe some families in the U.S. at one point in history had

enough time to have breakfast or diner as a family on a dinner table. Now that some sort

of technology has captured their time and attention, spending quality time as a family has

become like a last resort. Most individuals that are part of a family home are always

caught up with what do they need to accomplish throughout the day needing a phone,

computer or television. This issue that families don’t have time for each other has cause

lots of family problems that even lead to divorce.

But at the same time technology has affected people in a positive manner and on

the contrary technology has helped people. Technology has saved people lives. I feel that

technology affects people when they abuse it. But a great example of how technology

works for a good cause is our example as college students. We go to school in an online

program and need the internet and computers to complete our assignments. Technology

helps people become successful. Nicole Green wrote an article where she describes how

technology and distant learning was a positive thing for a family. Nicole Green gives us a

perfect example on how technology helps people, she states “At the school of distance

education, geography makes home schooling a forced choice for the majority of families

because they own or manage sheep and/or beef grazing properties that are situated in

isolated areas of Queensland. The families include approximately 200 children who

receive their education by correspondence papers and, during the period of the data

collection, daily UHF radio lessons”.

I hope this paper has helped you realized that technology has affected people in a

positive way but at the same time it could affect them in a negative way.



References: Morrison, Margaret; Krugman, Dean M. (2001) A look at mass computer mediated

Stone, Brad (2009) Breakfast Can Wait

November 1, 2011 from
Green, Nicole C. (2006) everyday Life in distance Education: One Family’s Home

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