How technology changes relationships

Topics: Online dating service, Online dating, Pages: 1 (431 words) Published: October 28, 2014

Ryan Michalski
English 11
Our world is developing very fast, and with this development, comes the use of technology. Nowadays, people depend on technology to do the simplest of things. So why not meet people online and start up a new couple’s relationship? Technology has carved its way into our society, and mostly everyone uses technology in some way. Whether it is teachers, students, businesses, or even children, mostly everyone uses it. This could mean websites, email, cellphones, games, or even dating sites. Before technology was invented, no one was emailing each other or calling each other. They actually had to get up and go to do whatever they needed to do by themselves. This also includes meeting or catching up with a new friend. Since technology makes everything easier in our lives, we might as well take advantage of this. Why not start communicating online with people? Well, that idea was brought to life. There are now dating websites that help many people find each other online when they have no luck off the internet. Some of these dating websites include eHarmony, and Instead of going out into the public and having the fear of being rejected, people now are starting to go to these different dating websites. They simply put in their information, and these websites help you find a match that has the same interests as you. These dating websites put together families. They put together lives. It is hard to meet people in public for some people, and these websites make it very easy for them. There are more and more websites like eHarmony and coming up and they are getting more popular. Some of these websites include,, and Technology is making lives easier for many people, and so are these dating websites. People should really start to take advantage of these great ideas. Nowadays, people depend on technology to do the simplest of things. So why not meet people online...
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