World Wide Web and New Stadiums

Topics: World Wide Web, Instant messaging, Internet Pages: 2 (308 words) Published: August 7, 2012
Schools "often use them to provide beauty
shots of the campus. Many are pointed at
construction projects, so viewers can see the
status of new stadiums or classroom
buildings"(Carnevale). Another author clarified
the use of webcams in the home has allowed
the feeling of being safe for most user. An
instillation around the house are used for
"Webcams and can include alarms that send
E-mail alerts about suspicious or unexpected
events to a designated recipient"(Kahner).
Now families feel a little more comfortable in
their home because of the surveillance use of
Webcams allow surveillance of intimacy, and
pornography, which fulfills viewers' desires.
Normally people use webcams to
communicate visibly, but now there intimately
communicating in their own private ways.
Having people watch your every second
movement entertains most people to come
back and watch again. The internet provides
websites or your own web page made for
private use of webcams. In the article "Watch
Me", the author feels that "with the Internet, we
are able to watch the daily habits of just about
anyone who cares to share them. In many
ways, this exposure of the self shifts the
surveillance model"(Knight). Relationships on
the internet is another topic that webcams has
an effect on for the better. It has been
researched that little under half of Americans
today meet each other and have relationships
from the internet. From what was learned in
class, at beginning the internet allowed people
to give their own self-presentation. It also
gave a process of setting forth an image we
want others to perceive us as, which can be
harmful. Webcams now have eliminated the
ideas of gender swapping, pseudonyms, and
completely changing ones own identity.
People who use webcams now can actually
see the person so they know exactly how one
is describing their selves.
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