How successful was Stresemann from 1923-1929?

Topics: Adolf Hitler, Weimar Republic, Treaty of Versailles Pages: 3 (932 words) Published: October 13, 2014
Thursday 2nd October 2014

How successful was Stresemann in Resolving Germany's Problems between 1923 and 1929?

Stresemann was successful in resolving Germanys problems between 1923 and 1929 as he helped Germany with the economy, culture, politics and foreign policy. Although Stresemann was only chancellor for a few months he was a leading member of every government from the years 1923 till 1929. Stresemann's greatest achievements was in foreign policy where Germany was accepted in to the League of Nations. In the economy Stresemann was a right winger, this meant that he has wider support. He also accepted the Dawes Plan which meant that reparation payments to the allies were spread over a longer period of time. To help boost the economy the USA loaned 800 million marks in to the German industry. In 1927 the German industry had recovered very well and by 1928 Germany had the same level of production as before the war. This had helped Germany pay their reparations and meant that exports were on the increase. On the other hand Stresemann had caused problems in the German economy. The economic boom in the Weimar republic meant that the USA loans would have been called in at extremely short notice, this would have caused ruin in Germany. During the economic boon the main economic winners were big businesses, such as the steel and chemical industries. The main problem was that the government introduced a new currency in the country called Rentenmark, which effected the elderly and middle class people who had saved their pensions and money. The losers were the peasant farmers and some sections of the middle class. The peasant farmers had increased production level during the war, during the time after that they found themselves overproducing goods. Many small businesses owners became threatened by large department stores, many of which were owned by Jews. Another problem of the economy was that in 1913 a university lecturer would have earned 10 times...
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