Topics: Treaty of Versailles, Weimar Republic, World War I reparations Pages: 3 (961 words) Published: May 24, 2014
To what extent was the prosperity and stability experienced by the Weimar Republic in the mid 1920s superficial?

Historians frequently argue whether the 1920s in Germany was a period of prosperity or not. Although the Weimar Republic had perceived prosperity and stability in the mid 20s, there were many social, political and economic issues beneath the surface. Even though Germany was able to regain international status and achieve economic stability through the Dawes plan in 1924, there were still numerous issues that were not addressed, by 1929 it was very clear that Germanys economic, political and social successes were merely superficial.

Throughout the mid 1920s Germanys economy was able to achieve certain stability and prosperity. The Dawes plan in 1924 had a substantial impact on Germanys ability to regain steadiness economically. The $800 million loan from America allowed Germany less strain on reparations. It also resulted in France agreeing to leave the Ruhr, stopping passive resistance. This allowed Germany to finally begin production of natural resources. Gustav Stresemann’s idea of increasing tax, lowering of government staff and government spending further assisted Germanys weak economy by saving money, hence increasing stability. The Young Plan in 1929 was seen as an economic step forward. Putting a deadline on when reparations had to be paid ultimately reduced the overall sum of reparations. As a result of the Dawes and Young plan, hyperinflation was terminated, relieving masses of middle class citizens. Although this was a positive step forward for Germany, it triggered a bitter resentment from the right wing towards the Weimar Republic. Whether or not Germanys prosperity and stability experienced by the Weimar republic through the 1920s was superficial, it saw a huge opportunity of Germany to gain international standing.

Although there were positive steps forward for Germany economically during the 1920s, some stability and...
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