How Soon Hath Time

Topics: 2000 albums, Sonnet, Poetic form Pages: 2 (629 words) Published: January 7, 2012
HOW SOON HATH TIME- JOHN MILTON HOW SOON HATH TIME is a Petrarchan sonnet written by John Milton the famous English poet. It is a sonnet written on the 9th of December 1631.Typical of the Petrarchan sonnet, there is a tonal change as well as a change in the mood and emotions of the poet. The poem has an autobiographical touch. In the Octave, the poet laments the passage of 23 years of his life, especially the 23rd year. The sonnet begins with a tone of frustration and desperation. He suffers from the complex growing youngsters have. Time is pictured as a subtle thief of youth which has wings and it has carried away the 23 years of his life. His days are hurrying away in a rush. He is growing by age, but the spring of his life has seen no bud nor blossom. He fears that he has not achieved anything in his life despite crossing 23 years. In the second half of the octave, he states that though he has attained manhood, he does not look his age. He has that physical immaturity which has made him look very young and effeminate. He despairs of not only being unmasculine, but also a failure in life as a poet and also as a respectable man of high standing. Physical immaturity seems to go hand in hand with mental, psychological and intellectual immaturity. Though he is a man now, he does not have the mature looks nor does he find an inward ripeness. He feels sad that some people are so well endowed at the proper time. The word ENDOWED suddenly makes the poet realize the 'one who endows'- God. Eventually the mood changes. There is an introspection and acceptance. He comes to terms with the reality. He feels that all he needs is time and necessarily, along with it ,the blessings of God. He would, one day, sooner or later, in a large amount or small, bless him. It is destiny, he realizes. He would indeed be blessed by God and his fortunes may change for the better. He decides to 'stand and wait' in anticipation of the grace of God. He feels that right now, it is the destiny...
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