How Internet Works

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What is an ISP, why are they needed, connection type, cost, speed, typical providers, and features like email? An ISP is a device that enables you to connect your computer to the internet. ISP stands for Internet Service Provider this enables. The purpose of ISP is to enable people to search the internet for various things such as music and games, people also use them to find information about things. The speed of your internet depends on how far you are from the nearest ISP so if you live opposite the ISP you will have a fast connection where as some one who lives on the other side of the block will have slower connection as they are further away. That’s why companies like BT and Sky say up to because if you live further away the slower it takes for WebPages to load this is because you only have a speed of 4Mb where as some one closer to the ISP would have 27Mb as it would take less time to travel along the wires. Whenever something is sent over the internet it is broken down into packages and sent when it reaches its destination the packages are reassembled. When sending something to someone on a different country the signal will travel along cables under the sea floor. IP Internet Protocol Unique Address that all computing device have home address or telephone number used to identify the devices on network uses 32 numbers dotted decimal notation broken up into four bits. 120Mb is fastest signal. Standard signal for copper is up to 50MB. There are three types of connection you can choose from:

Copper: A copper connection is the most likely type to be found in most households as it is the cheapest and easiest to use. If your house is far away from an ISP it will take longer to transmit data over long distances. Copper also uses a lot of power. Two copper wires running down a cable. Cheaper than fibre optic but is slower as electrical signal moves slower than the speed of light lose some of the signal if you live further away from the exchange 2Km is the limit from your house to the exchange. Fibre Optic: A fibre optic connection was only introduced a few years ago and is already making an impression with its capability to transmit data over long distances at the same speed it would take for a copper cable to send it a short distance. Fibre optics are immune from Radio Frequency interference and Electromagnetic Interference making them ideal for applications where close proximity to electronic devices can cause Fri. and EMI disruption. Fibber cable is lighter and has a smaller diameter. Fibber optic cabling uses less power and provides less signal degradation than copper cables. Speed of light. Pure glass wire. Transfers data into light the light bounces around the cable very flexible but easy to brake single fibre covered in rubber coating to stop light getting out lost of small fibres make up one wire 1000Mb – 1GB. Long lasting. Fibre optic can be 200KM from the exchange.
Wireless: A wireless connection would be the best in most homes meaning your router doesn’t have to be placed next to the computer and there are no wires needed to connect the it to the computer. There are many types of wireless network PAN (personal area networks), LAN (local area network), Wireless mesh network, MAN (metropolitan area networks) and Cellular/Mobile network. As wireless networking has become commonplace, sophistication increases through configuration of network hardware and software, and greater capacity to send and receive larger amounts of data, faster, is achieved. Wireless networks offer many advantages when it comes to difficult-to-wire areas trying to communicate such as across a street or river, a warehouse on the other side of the premise or buildings that are physically separated but still operate as one. 3G connects to your mobile phone network to send a signal dongle has sim card inside it. Satellites 22,300 miles in the air can transmit signals using microwaves need satellite dish...
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