How Important Is A Football Player Who's To Blame?

Pages: 2 (340 words) Published: June 27, 2017

I agree wholeheartedly that a football player should suffer consequences such as being kicked off the football team when it comes to being found guilty of assault. It's understandable that no one wants the football team to suffer when they lose their star player, but this football player is not setting a good example to anyone by hurting others. But I do believe that they need to be found guilty of the assault and it not be just hearsay or someone falsely accusing an ex boyfriend, for example, just to get back at them.
As a football player, he has many people young and old looking up to him. By setting a bad example like assaulting someone, it could open the door for young ones to do the same thing simply because their idol football player did it. We are so quick to be such followers, and not setting a good example should never be allowed....

He thinks because he is big and strong he can do when he wants with people. I also believe that he can use his football ability as a weapon when it comes to an assault, which again is not right. He is supposed to be setting the tone for many fans, and by assaulting people, he isn't. So therefore, he does not need to be on the team.
When you are on a sports team, you are all equal. Everyone is to set a good example for the fans cheering them on. It is not fair for someone to be found guilty of assault, and still be able to continue to represent a school knowing he used his football skills to hurt...
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