Aaron Hernandez

Topics: Murder, Sociology, Florida Gators football Pages: 1 (359 words) Published: November 22, 2013
Journal Critique #1
Over the summer Aaron Hernandez, a tight-end for the New England Patriots, pleaded guilty to a first-degree murder charge that involved a close friend. Although he pleaded not guilty to six other charges, Hernandez had evidence stacked up against him that was hard to deny. He is currently incarcerated with one court date remaining. Athletes in the media today are typically portrayed in a positive light but with Aaron Hernandez it seems to be a little different. He had a history of violence in both high school and college. Hernandez attended the University of Florida with media sensation Tim Tebow and a story recently resurfaced describing how Tebow had to break up a bar fight involving Hernandez and another teammate. Hernandez constantly brought bad attention to himself and the teams he played for. It was a struggle for owners and coaches to keep Hernandez out of trouble and could not punish him by benching him because of his immense skill at his position. Hernandez was a role model for many kids nationwide without carrying a professional perception and it essentially cost him his life. He chose not to follow explicit norms as well as implicit norms for that matter. He coasted through his professional life and did not mature as he got older. His tattoos being gang affiliated and his negative demeanor about himself is certainly not professional. Hernandez allegedly murdered a man because the man was associated with a group of people that Hernandez was not fond of, most likely a rival gang of some sort. For a man that makes millions of dollars playing football you would think that he wouldn’t waste his time being unprofessional and involving himself in these seemingly unimportant affairs. Once the New England Patriots found out the situation Aaron Hernandez was in they released him immediately. I believe this was great sports management decision made by the Patriots, because he would have ruined the well-known face of the New England...
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