Greg Hardy Case Study

Topics: Major League Baseball, Domestic violence / Pages: 4 (871 words) / Published: Dec 5th, 2016
No Excuses Recently the NFL had another domestic violence case this time on Greg Hardy. Greg Hardy is a star defensive player for the Dallas Cowboys but more importantly he has trouble off the field. There were pictures released of his girlfriend with bruises and scratches on her body. The NFL suspended him for 10 games but then dropped it to 4 games. The fact that the NFL had the audacity to let Greg Hardy only miss 4 games is just a disgrace to any sport indefinite. There is proof of them beating women and they are protected by the NFL? They should be suspended a whole year without pay. The way the NFL handles there domestic violence chargers is very poorly.
The NFL cleary handles there domestic violences cases horrorbilly. They try to
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This time there was actual evidence and proof that he beat his girlfriend up. His girlfriend had bruises and scratches all over her body. Because of that the NFL suspended him for the first 10 game of the 2015 NFL season. it was then switched to the first 4 games of the NFL season. Why? I don't know why. The NFL is just trying to protect their players and make up for their cases. The big problem with the NFL is how they're handling this situation. They can be more involved and look at the pictures to decide that he should be suspended the whole year. Instead once again they just try to brush off the situation and act like once again everything is …show more content…
Quote from a article on “MLB, MLBPA reveal domestic violence policy”. The treatment players would get from domestic violence would be that they would be required for psychological evaluations. They would have to attend counseling.There saying that they would help their players. That’s exactly what the NFL needs to do with their players if they are suspended. Give them treatment and help them get their minds back together and turning their life back around. The NFL suspends their players which is good but they don’t suspend them for long which is the problem. If the NFL were to suspend their players for a season then, players charged with domestic violence cases can turn their life back around for the better and then, come back to the

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