How Hardwired Is Human Behaviour

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Individual human behavior even before the old generation until today is genetically predisposed or influenced by environmental factors such as personal experiences and culture. Hereditary traits causes some people to behave and respond differently from one another. Say a person who has high temperamental makes him react furiously to situations that would somehow put him or her to danger or uncomfortable zone. This trait of being high tempered is very difficult to remove from a person’s behavior since this is already incorporated in the genes from conception. A person who has a high and fast learning ability could respond immediately to situations and instructions, hence attainment of the goal is made easy. For example, in our present situation at the workplace, during briefing and assemble, instructions given are the same within the group but, other people do otherwise. This is because the ability of one person to catch up the instructions vary from each other clearly caused by hereditary influence. People coming from intelligent clans usually exhibit the same character from the previous generations. We also encountered some people in our workplace today that despite the strong motivation given such as incentives and rewards to attain high quality performance and productivity, still they do not behave as expected, they tend to come late, and always absent from their work. We also observed in our people from the workplace that some have hereditary illness that affects so much in the performance of their job. As quoted “you can take the person out of the stone age but you can’t take the stone age out the person”. This means that a person behaves temporarily based on his present environment, condition and situation but the inner traits are still there and very difficult or can’t be removed. Responses and actions of a person are very temporary depending on the present condition he or she is within....
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