How Far Would You Agree That Immigration Has Had a Beneficial Impact on Your Society? 

Topics: Human migration, Immigration, Population Pages: 2 (494 words) Published: April 16, 2011
Immigration has been an important part of Singapore’s demographic history. Its economy has been built on immigration. Migration from China, India and the countries surrounding Singapore was the main contributor to population growth up to the period around World War II. Singapore’s immigration policy tries to maximise the economic benefits of immigration while minimising its social and economic costs. Depending on their skills levels, the terms and conditions for foreigners to work or stay in Singapore differ substantially. Skilled workers, professionals and entrepreneurs are encouraged to take up permanent residence and citizenship may be granted after two to ten years of residence. Unskilled foreign workers, on the other hand, are permitted to work only for limited time periods, after which they are expected to return home.

Singapore is a country, which accepts and invites foreign talents. It is mainly used for improving our economy. Many immigrants represent the most intelligent, hard-working and ambitious people of their native countries. Allowing them to bring their talents and skills to Singapore can be enriching for immigrants and Singapore. In addition, immigrants are helping the economy. However, inviting foreign talents leads to decrease in employment for citizens in Singapore. Issues ranging from foreign students topping the ‘O’ level chart thus reducing similar opportunities for local students, to the perception that foreigners are taking away jobs from Singaporeans. Therefore, this could be a drawback.

I agree that the Singapore government has maintained strongly that having an open immigration policy helps to fill critical sectors in our economy, especially in the finance, technology and creative industries. In addition, the government believes that having more foreigners in Singapore helps to make Singapore a more vibrant and cosmopolitan city. However, when there is a perception that immigrants appear to get more benefits than local poor...
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