Does Immigration Contribute to a better America?

Topics: United States, Immigration to the United States, Melting pot Pages: 9 (1481 words) Published: December 1, 2013
Does Immigration Contribute to a Better America?

The action of coming to live in a foreign country sounds like what makes up our

amazing welcoming country of the United States of America. The United States is also

referred to as the “salad bowl”. According to the Salad Bowl Theory, there are times

when newly arrived immigrants do not lose the unique aspects of their cultures like in the

melting pot model. Instead, they retain them. The unique characteristics of each culture

are still identifiable within the larger American society, much like the ingredients in a

salad are still identifiable; yet, contribute to the overall make up of the salad bowl.

Without immigration, the USA would not be the same place it is today. This country was

built and molded on immigration; rather it be voluntary or forced. When foreigners

immigrate to the USA, it’s usually solely to make a better life for their family. Lastly,

many complain that immigrants come over to the USA and take “our” jobs, but that is not

true at all. Immigrants almost all the time take jobs that Americans don not want.

Colonists immigrated to the United States voluntarily; they helped mold this

country to be what it is today. Colonists put laws and rules into play to create the law and

political system we have today. Slaves were brought to this country forcefully, but have

had equally if not more of the same impacts as colonists have. Slaves economically

molded this country. They did all of the work while their owners took the credit. Most

states, especially southern states, have slave foundations, meaning slaves built that state.

Slaves built the White House, where are president and his family resides. One of if not

the most important building in our country was built by slaves. When slaves were

brought to America it was not looked at as immigration, but an economic investment. That

is extremely inhumane; but ,why was not it looked at as immigration. Americans are quick

to say immigrants are bad for our country, but as soon as immigrants are looked at as

beneficial, somehow all of those views are suddenly brushed under the rug or the furthest

from our minds.

Speaking about today or even tracing back to early immigration, immigrants have

always been poor and want nothing but a better life for their family. In the book The Case

for Immigration: The Secret to Economic Vibrancy, Phillippe Legrain says “Immigrants

are not an invading army; they are mostly people seeking a better life...And just as it is

beneficial for people to move from Alabama to California in response to market signals,

so too from Mexico to the United States.” Immigrants come to places like the United

States because they aren’t offered good or even mediocre jobs and school opportunities in

their native country. Not a lot of countries are fortunate enough as the United States, but

as Americans don’t we believe in equal opportunity. Not just equal opportunity for

Americans, but equal opportunity for the human race. Why would we say someone

couldn’t try to make his or her children have a better life than he or she had? Are we that

territorial as Americans where we shut down hopes and dreams based on the marked lines

of latitude and longitude? Are we that shallow? Immigrants whether child or adult

deserve a chance to present themselves with or earn a life worth living by their standards.

Many Americans argue that their problem isn’t with immigrants but with illegal aliens.

The only difference between an immigrant and an illegal alien is an immigrant has

identification paper to be in this country and an illegal alien does not. The average cost of

a permanent United States visa is up to or over two thousand dollars. The average waiting

list for the United States visa can be up to or over ten years not to mention immigrants

have to...
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