How Beneficial Is Immigration

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Security Breach
Immigration and especially illegal immigration is a touchy subject these days. Illegal immigrants are defined as all foreign born, unauthorized, non-citizens who reside illegally (Department of Homeland Security N.P.). There many modern countries that have large populations of immigrants these days and some believe it is the beginning of a big problem. These clashing cultures have all made a voice for themselves in their new homes. Their idea is “strength in numbers”. Large populations of immigrants are already affecting policy making ideas within the countries with the highest number of immigrants. Countries, such as the U.S., have to be careful and take into account what immigration policies they are creating in order to keep the peace and prevent protests or even rioting. Policy making decisions could pose a potential threat to national security. For example, “The Killing of Dutch filmmaker Theo van Gogh by a Moroccan man because van Gogh had made a controversial film about abused Muslim women and the recent fires and riots in France reveal the potential for violence in these cultural conflicts”(Johnson 221). Hundreds of thousands of immigrants, both legal and illegal, are pouring into the U.S. every year and the question that we have to ponder is, how beneficial is immigration to the U.S.? Whether illegal immigrants are beneficial to the host country is a controversial topic and I believe that both sides of this argument have merit. However it is a possibility that I would be labeled a racist or a bigot, I believe that illegal immigrants should not be allowed to enter or remain in the United States because they pose a great detriment to the country. Now more than ever, illegal immigration is one of the biggest problems that the U.S. is facing. Assimilation to the American population and the American way is one of the leading issues that has troubled our great nation. Large numbers of immigrants have settled in certain areas around the Southwestern part of the U.S. This grouping makes it easier for them to communicate in their language rather than assimilate to the spoken language of the U.S., which is English. According to Samuel P. Huntington, he believes the same, Mexican immigrants are heavily concentrated in the Southwest and particularly in Southern California. This has very real consequences. Our Founders emphasized that immigrants would have to be dispersed among what they described as the English population in this country. To the extent that we have a large regional concentration of immigrants, it is a departure from our usual pattern (Huntington 244). Already we see proof that this is having an effect on the Southwestern region of California. Certain agencies, such as Santa Ana Fire Department, now require their employees to be bilingual. According to the City of Santa Ana Fire Department website “They must be able to communicate effectively in both English and any one of the following languages: Spanish, Vietnamese, Laotian, Cambodian, Hmong, or other approved language.” Not to say that being bilingual is a bad thing but to discriminate against those English speaking only citizens is the beginning of a big problem.

Why is Illegal Immigration such a big issue in the U.S.? Well when you look at what is going on in Mexico and the U.S. you can see some pretty apparent “push” and “pull” factors. “Push” factors are what causes someone to leave their country while “Pull” factors are what draws someone to another country. When assessing the situation in Mexico, you can see the corrupt government, the dangerous drug cartels, and the low annual average income. On the other hand the U.S. for the most part doesn’t have a corrupt government, has a higher average annual income, and people aren’t getting their heads chopped off on a daily basis by drug cartels. When comparing the two countries it is no wonder why someone would risk their life to cross the border. The corruption that goes on in Mexico...

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