How Far Was Lenin Responsible for the Bolsheviks Growing Hold on Power in the Years 1917 24 Essay

Topics: Russian Civil War, Leon Trotsky, Soviet Union Pages: 3 (877 words) Published: April 20, 2015
How Far Was Lenin Responsible for the Bolsheviks' Growing Hold on Power in the Years 1917-24?

Lenin was responsible for the Bolsheviks’ growing hold on power during the years 1917 through to 1924. Lenin was a natural born leader and his leadership skills along with his access to the Red Army through with help from Trotsky cemented the Bolsheviks growing hold on power. A reason for Red Success was Geography. The white armies weaknesses also created an opportunity for both the red army and Lenin to seize superiority.

Lenin had previously led the Bolsheviks to victory in the October Revolution and this victory had fired up the Bolsheviks drive for power. The success of the October revolution inspired many to assist the cause and bring the Bolsheviks to power. Lenin had very smart and tactical aims and objectives and ideas of what was best for Russia. To teach the masses of these ideas Lenin spread propaganda in the form of newspapers, speeches and leaflets. Lenin told the people that ​ they​

were now in
charge of Russia which is what the Russian people wanted under the rule of Tsarism in the past. Through Lenins natural leadership skills he had organised and built up support effectively which came very helpful with the Civil war raging on. Lenin’s leadership was the key reason for the growing hold on power as he was constantly promising the Russian people that he will crush opposition and see to it that Tsarism never returns and creates a more free Russia with limitations. Lenin and Trotsky had created the Red Soviet Army from the Red Guard, a bolshevik workers militia and remnants of the old Tsarist army after the revolution of 1917 to crush any uprising. Lenin placed Leon Trotsky in charge of the Red Army now labelling Trotsky as the commissar for war in the Bolshevik government. Leon Trotsky was a very smart choice to take up this role as he was a brilliant organiser and his improvisation skills were superior to most. Trotsky imposed a tough system over the...
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