How education socialises children

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Outline and explain two ways in which education socialises children

Point - imitation
Explanation – imitation is… people copy each other in order to fit in with others, shows us how to fit in make friends, as we tend to make friends with people who are similar to us, Reference – Sewell 2000 cultural comfort groups

Criticise – this seems to back up the idea that people imitate in order to feel comfortable and copy each other to learn norms values

Point – ethnocentrism, we believe what we are told and take it as the only truth Explanation –ethnocentrism is… this means that people are taught this is the norms and values of society this then means we only accept this way of thinking even if it is not politically correct. We can adopt our teachers views, subconsciously. Reference – Gillborn 2001

Criticise – changes self belief

Socialization is the process of learning the norm and values in order to conform to the norms and roles required for integration into a group or community. One way the education system socializes children is through the process of imitation. Imitation is the copying of patterns of activity of groups or individuals. This process of imitation is very common in the early years of the education system (primary school). It means that children are likely to copy each other’s behaviors; this is in order to learn new skills but also for them to be able to socialize with others to show that they can fit in and act like the rest in order to make friends, this has also been known to happen with adults as well especially when they have been taken outside their own “comfort zone”, they adopt the tactic of copying others in order to blend in and make friends. This enables children to fill a gap that through primary socialization is left empty. This is the ability to communicate with people outside the close family i.e. parents, brothers, sisters. Through imitation it leads others to believe that they are the same and are interested in similar...
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