How Does Location Effect Vegetation Growth

Topics: Wind, Vegetation, Beaufort scale Pages: 10 (3778 words) Published: October 12, 2013
Geography internal 2.5B
How does location affect vegetation growth?
I will be looking at several factors that affect growth, such as density, height of plants, how different altitudes affects plant growth, temperature variations and wind speeds. All these are contribution factors that I assume will influence vegetation growth in the TVC. I discovered that all of the 6 sites that we visited had unique characteristics that made each one different. Some of the landscapes were baron and had very little plant life, where as other sites had dense vegetation that went up to 20 meters high, these characteristics were all different due to the different environments and locations that they were in. Location One. Mangatuto. 22/9. 1:55pm.

Our first stop was a roadside stop at Mangatuto. This was our first stop and we had little-to-no knowledge of the plants in the TVC prior so it took some time to find them in the alpine book we were given. There was a LOT of rubbish at this site and it was loud because it was next to a main road and there was traffic on the road. Temperature: 12*c

Soil Temperature: 7*c
Altitude: 807m
How did the location effect vegetation growth? And strengths of the collection of data: Low altitude compared to the other sites meant that it allowed for better vegetation growth Since Mangatuto is located on the western side of the TVC, It is exposed to the westerly winds which bring with it moisture from the sea Since it is on the western side of the TVC is subject to orographic rainfall Damp, moist environment which allows for ideal vegetation growth conditions Range of plants from bush flax to silver beech tree

Good range of plants to choose from and to use for data collection We measured all the plants twice to ensure our results were as accurate as possible One of the features which was evident at Mangatuto was how the natural processes interacted with the environment, a good example of this was a dead Silver Beech Tree which was rotting but there was Matipo growing around it, this showed the interaction of the natural environment. Another example of the interaction was how the large Silver Beech Tree creates a canopy to shelter plants underneath, which creates a micro climate so that plants that don’t like a lot of sunlight can thrive in this environment which has created a cooler micro climate under the vegetation. The canopies of trees created an environment which allowed for dense growth of vegetation which allowed for more plants that we could collect data from. Mangatuto was a warmer environment which didn’t have high winds compared to other locations which is due to its location and its sheltered high trees which allow for dense vegetation to grow underneath in a sheltered environment. Weaknesses

We didn’t have much time to collect the data, this meant we were rushing the collection which might have skewed the results. It was hard to identify some of the plants as the pictures don’t match the plants in many cases (eg the photo might have flowers in it because it was spring when the image was taken, but when we went they had no flowers) It was hard to measure some of the tall trees because other plants were in the way so some of them had to be estimated

Location Two. Ketetahi. 22/9. 3:20pm.
Our second stop for the Sunday was at Ketetahi at the bottom of the Tongoriro Alpine Crossing entrance and exit. This stop was good because we had enough time to collect a range of data and we were able to re-measure our plants to ensure we had as accurate results as possible. I have been to this site previously which proved to be beneficial because i had an idea of where we could collect data from. Temperature: 13*c

Soil Temperature: 7*c
Altitude: 767m
How did the location effect vegetation growth? And strengths of the collection of data: On the western side of tongoriro, moisture allows for more vegetation growth Lower altitude meant it was warmer which is beneficial for vegetation More time to...
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