How Does Bronte Present Injustice In Wuthering Heights

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Wuthering Heights by Emily Bronte describes the justices and injustices that were shown in the Romantic period that it was written. The character that was most influenced in the novel was Heathcliff, the byronic hero, by the injustices he faced as a child and growing up. He seeks revenge against Hindley at first and later Edgar Linton because of the treatment he receives from the both. Heathcliff is not only affected by the characters in the novel but also the setting which is Thrushcross Grange and Wuthering Heights; moreover, both places give off a different mood and a change of thought to the characters that cause injustices to Heathcliff, like Catherine. First of all, he faced a bit of justice as Mr. Earnshaw saved him in Liverpool and later treated him more as a son as he did to his own;however, he obtained harsh treatment from Hindley and even Nelly whom did not like the idea of a savage. Furthermore, Heathcliff is presented again with inequity as Catherine is snatched away from him by the Lintons and Hindley now transforms him into another servant and not an owner like Mr. Earnshaw had wished. These are the most noticeable injustices he experiences as a child and …show more content…
At the end, Heathcliff’s search for justice turns out to be his worst option since he destroys his home and all the other characters surrounding him. However, Heathcliff does not give up his hopes for revenge after the love of his life is long gone, he discovers that another path to knock down Edgar is to make his daughter to marry Heathcliff’s son. Heathcliff’s view of personal justice turns to an absurd resentment that passed through generations. Wuthering Heights shows how there is people that can feel a sense of rage towards not only an individual but to all of their blood line, for example Heathcliff that wanted to ruin the

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