How Do You Earn Your Pocket Money?

Topics: Trigraph, Justice, Fair Pages: 2 (739 words) Published: December 15, 2010
1.My parents give me twenty pound pocket money per month. i can earn extra money by doing house hold task e.g. washing up, ironing but i have to tidy my room regularly. i think twenty pound is sufficient. Sometimes my dad will give me extra money to go shopping. when I go shopping I buy lots of clothes from topshop and some new shoes, but it is nearly Christmas so I am saving up for Christmas presents for my family., i do not have a little job because i do not have time to work and i am too young. but if i could, i would like to have a little job on Saturday evenings, in a restaurant being a waitress. Then i could earn my own pocket money. 3.(yes, last summer I had a job as a waitress, I cooked food and served it to customers. I worked there for 3 weeks and i earned enough money to buy myself a bracelet as I earned 7.00 pound an hour) no, i have not already done a work experience as i am too young, but i am doing it in six months. in six months i am going to work in the law courts, as it interests me greatly and i would like to do it when I’m older. i find the law courts very interesting and there is good pay. 4.the advantages of a work experience is that it is useful, and motivates you to work hard. it helps you to choose a profession and get used to the world at work. one could also learn a lot eg how to socialise, and work hard. i am looking forward to seeing what the law courts are like. 5.i would like to become a lawyer, because i am very interested in crime and justice and i think i would be good at arguing for. some lawyers are very valued and earn good money 6.unemployment is a problem for young people as it is difficult to find a job opportunity because of the economic crisis which means we cant get a good job and earn money.

1. Mes parents me donnent vingt livres d'argent de poche par mois. je peux gagner de l'argent en faisant par exemple les tâche menageres les vaisselle,repassage, et je dois ranger ma chambrerégulièrement. Je pense que...
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