How Did the Europeans Affect the Native Americans?

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Jonathan Edwards & Anne Bradstreet

Jonathan Edwards and Anne Bradstreet were both famous Puritan writers of their time. Each of their works, "Sinners in the Hands of an Angry God" and " Upon the Burning of Our House" convey to their audiences the strong religious beliefs prevalent during that time period. Edwards writes to persuade his audience. On the other hand, Bradstreet writes to inform her audience. Edwards mainly talks about hell and damnation in his writings, however Bradstreet talks about heaven and hope. Although both Edwards and Bradstreet have similar outlooks and understandings of religious beliefs and attitudes and beliefs about human life, there are also distinctions that allow the reader to better understand each author’s purpose.

Bradstreet believes that one should look to God and pray during times of hardship. On the other hand Edwards believes that one should always look God, but not in times of hardship, he thinks people must let God come to them. Bradstreet expresses her needing of help from God after her house burns down when she said, “Raise up thy thoughts above the sky"(Bradstreet41). Referring to this quote Bradstreet looks up to God for help while she is in the middle of a crisis or hardship. Edwards suggests that people should let God come to them when he said, "And now you have an extraordinary opportunity, a day where in Christ has thrown the door of mercy wide
Motahari 2 open, and stands in the door calling and crying with a loud voice to poor sinners"(Edwards129). According to this quote Edwards is saying that God has finally come to the sinners in their time of need. Not only are Bradstreet's and Edwards's religious beliefs different, but they also have different attitudes and beliefs.

Bradstreet is a positive woman who believes that everyone is going to heaven, on the other hand Edwards is a negative man who believes that everyone is going to hell. Bradstreet expresses her positivity and belief for heaven after her

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