How Did The Black Death Change Throughout The Middle Ages
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The Black Death was the most devastating disease in England and all of Europe.During the medieval ages the Black Death caused about seventy-five percent of Europe’s population to decrease and had a high mortality rate. The Black Death was a gruesome disease because it covered the body with “ … mysterious black boils that oozed blood and pus …”(“Black Death”). The smell was so horrific and the number of casualties was so significant that proper burials were not possible. Although the Black Death is very rare today, this disease during the medieval ages changed the social, economic, and religion of England.

One way the Black Death affected England was through social changes. The Statute of Labourers says that peasants cannot refuse employment because the Lord offered the same wages as before the time of the Black Death (Ibeji). If they did refuse they would get imprisoned (Ibeji). Also there was an Ordinance of Labourers which also limited the movement of peasants (Ibeji). These laws were set to limit the freedom and confidence of the peasants that the Black Death gave them due to decrease in the peasantry class. The peasants tried to make themselves feel better with more money than with family . The Black Death caused little changes to the social aspect of English history but those changes still are
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The Black Death caused so many deaths that many people who believed in God felt that the Black Death was " ... the wrath of God..."("Social and Economic"). Though priest were highly contacted throughout the time of the Black Death for spiritual protection against the Black Death but people still succumbed to the Black Death("Social and Economic"). By the end of the Black Death people started"...turning their backs on..." God, instead of being thankful for their survival(Edmonds 4). They started to harbored doubts about their faith(Edmonds 4). This caused a decline in faith in England rather than an increase in

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