How Cosmopolitan Targets Its Intended Audience

Topics: Social status, Generation Y, Woman Pages: 1 (313 words) Published: October 10, 2013
Cosmopolitans target audience are female millennial and female Generation x, they would usually be from the social economic status A/B. They target their older audience of Gen x with their adverts as a lot of them are advertising anti aging creams, this gives of the idea that these woman have to stay young as all the way through the magazine all of the focus is on beauty and fashion making the older audience want to try and keep up with all of these models and actresses.

The younger millennial will be a lot more impressionable as they have been brought up with these magazines and models and actresses being portrayed in this way so they would automatically think they act/dress in the right way. They would aspire to these women and read their articles and may show ‘the copy cat effect’ which suggests they may passively copy what they see in the media.

They aim at the social economic status of A/B by including designer and expensive products. They would be the only social class that would afford these products, as their income is much higher. As these magazine contain a high number of adverts that include expensive perfumes and designer clothing.

They have informal language that makes the magazine more friendly as it is written in a way a woman would speak to their friends with abbreviations and colloquial language. Although a lot of the articles that are included on the front of these magazines are written in imperative sentences “bin your body blues”. It gives the impression that woman are flawed and the only way to change this is to change themselves to be more accepted by society

According to Merriam-Webster, Cosmopolitan means “having wide international sophistication.” Woman will hear about cosmos reputation as being sophisticated and well accepted in society and want to buy it them selves.
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