Jill Stark's Sick of Impossible Princesses, Real Girls Fight Back: Language Analysis

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Sick of impossible princesses, real girls fight back (Language Analysis)

In her article ‘Sick of impossible princesses, real girls fight back’, (The Age 19/01/2008), Jill Starks presents that the media does not present realistic images of woman in the media. In a discrediting tone she persuades the reader by firstly having a visual as well as anecdotes and real people’s experiences.
The first thing Jill says in this article is attacking the media for what they are doing. She is fed up with emaciated models pushing the readers to be thin, sexy and silent; However now the girls a fighting back. With the use of the visual of the founder of the new trend and there cover girl it shows that you don’t need the perfect thin body and hot clothes to make you beautiful. This shows that these magazines are ‘glossy’ with only information about how to get ‘thin and sexy’. But with Jill praising the new publication trend which shows realistic images of young women is targeting women to think that they don’t need to only look at super models in the media, but of people who they can relate to. This persuades the reader that media now is only thinking of super models is how they will sell it, but another ‘real’ women magazine is going fine. Also you don’t need to think you need to be thin to be beautiful, all you need to be is a real girl.
Secondly, Jill used young girl (Erin Young) to help the reader think of what these people are doing to the children is this day and age. Erin states the “I was so skinny I still thought I was fat.” Also that people at her school had an eating disorder like her. This encourages the reader to see how bad the media is going with helping people not just thinking they are fat, but thinking they will never be thin and having eating disorders. But now she says that 250 schools have taken 250 out a subscriptions to the magazine so then kids from a young age can be influenced to think that you don’t need to be thin to be beautiful.
Finally, Jean Young

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