How Contemporary Christian Music Effect Modern Day Society

Topics: Christian rock, Christianity, Gospel music Pages: 3 (1105 words) Published: October 12, 2012
How Contemporary Christian music Effect Modern Day Society
New Dimension Ministry held a gospel concert on Friday March 30, 2012. The event was hosted by Mr. Banks and was attended by local gospel artists, the neighboring community and local city officials. The gospel concert was also a rally to get more people aware of the Trayvon Martin case. Moreover, the headliner of the concert was Aaron Banks, who is the son Mr. Banks, and he is a Contemporary Christian music artist. The songs that were being played were original songs by Aaron: I love you, O’s saints the Lord is good, Holy and in the presence. The event had such a great impact on the audience because the music that was played inspired deep thoughts about having a closer relationship with God. Focusing on the matters of Christian faith, contemporary Christian music is used to teach, motivate and inspire church goers to have a deeper relationship with Jesus by using modern day approach to reach the youth. Contemporary Christian music began in the in the late 1960’s and early 70’s. At that time it was called Jesus music and it focused on teaching and the goodness of Jesus. Contemporary Christian music blended rock and folk music together to give it an up-temp sound. Some of the subgenres of Contemporary Christian music is Christian rock, hip-hop, progressive southern gospel and urban contemporary gospel. In the African American community there has been a rise in theses subgenera’s in the traditional church setting. Many people feel that gospel music has left its traditional sound for an upbeat one, which leads many to wonder if gospel music is becoming too worldly. According to Karima A. Haynes, “Contemporary artists argue that their fresh sound and message reach people who may never set foot in a church” (para 2). Many contemporary Christian artists feel that if young people are going to listen to hip-hop jams, they should have the gospel message. Artists such as Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams, and Marvin...

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