House or Flat

Topics: Real estate, Semi-detached, House Pages: 4 (1475 words) Published: June 16, 2013
1. House or Flat? Pros and Cons

A house or a flat is for everybody not just a place where you sleep, eat or relax, but it is a place, which we all call „ home“. Well, as the saying goes, „ As a good roof shelters us from winter´s storms, a good home shelters us from life´s storms“, home is a place where you can find, on the one hand, help, understanding and embrace of your family through the tough times in your life and on the other hand, joy, love and happiness while experiencing all the family most memorable days and events. House or flat? That is the question asked by those who start their family life or just want to become independent. Their decision should be thought properly and considered from each sight of view. Let’s have a look at these both possible choices in more details and with further explanation. Probably the most important difference between them is, as I think, in a size of an offered area. A flat usually consists of one to four rooms, whereas a house is designed to be more comfortable and is arranged with large space for every member of a family. Lately, there´s a wide variety of houses and we just have to decide which one fits to our needs, wishes and financial situation best. If you wish to live in country, for example, you can get a farm house or even a cottage, which is, yet, nowadays usually used as a weekend house. A standard house, whether it is a detached, a semi-detached or a terraced house, consists of a kitchen, a dining room, a master bedroom, one or two bedrooms for children, a living room, a laundry, not necessarily a study, a garage, a hall and an attic. A house has usually also a garden either for growing vegetables and breeding animals or for having a lawn with flowerbeds, possibly a small pond. When you decide for a new house, you face another decision, though. Whether to choose from a wide offer of producers of typical family houses or cooperate with an architect who will design a unique house for you or you will merely...
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