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Topics: Project management, Requirements analysis, Critical path method Pages: 3 (484 words) Published: March 30, 2014
Chap 2-6
Explain reuse and its advantages and disadvantages.
Reuse : The use of previously written software resources, especially objects and components, in new applications.

Advantages :
1 Increase productivity
2 Decrease development time
3 Result in higher quality software

Disadvantages :
1 Lack of a methodology for creating, defining & labelling reusable 2 components
3 The smaller number of reusable & reliable software resources 4 Lack of commitment to reuse, training and rewards to promote it. 5 Lack of organizational support for institutionalizing reuse 6 Difficulty in measuring the economic gains

7. A project has been defined to contain the following list of activities along with their required times for completion

a. Draw a Network diagram for the activities

b. Calculate the earliest expected completion time.
24 weeks
c. Show the critical path

d. What would happen if activity 6 were revised to take 6 weeks instead of 2 weeks? The critical path would change to include activity 6 as well as activity 7. The overall duration of the project will remain 24 weeks.

8. Construct a Gantt chart for the project defined in Problem and Exercise 7.


Activity 1 + Activity 2 + Activity 4 + Activity 7 + Activity 9 + Activity 10 + Activity 11 (6) (2) (18) (12) (14) (4) (1)

= 6+2+18+12+14+4+1(week) = 57 weeks

3. List and explain the different phases in SDLC.
An organization’s total information system needs are identified, analyzed, prioritized & translated as a plan with a scheduling . 2 additional activities
Investigation of the system problems/opportunity at hand & determining the scope. Presentation of the business case to a management committee. Output – Baseline Project Plan

System requirements are studied and structured.
1st step : Requirements determination
2nd step : Structuring the requirments for the...
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