Hotel Reservation System

Topics: Marikina City, Bayani Fernando, Marides Fernando Pages: 6 (1579 words) Published: January 18, 2013
Chapter 1

A hotel is an establishment that accommodates people. The hotel can also be a place where tourist can stay for a limited time. In a hotel the workers are always smiling and polite. The system of the business today have many innovations and advancements, one of the example is the computerization. We cannot deny that we are now in much more technologically improvement and especially for business, shifting from manual process to automation and computerize.

There are many of businesses today that use the existing manual process for different reasons and purposes, hotel business is not exception. Millions of business available here in the region, hotel are consistent this kind of business requires lots of investments and proper usage of assets and resources and to back it up with advanced type of business system will surely aid in its success. And the main purpose of this study is focuses on to have the hotel efficient business in a way of giving the users convenience and help to increase the contribution in a field of IT and society.

Background of the Study

In the time of Monding De Guzman, the mayor before Bayani Fernando, the building is existing but only it is just a tenement housing for employees. And the building was left behind. After that there are many proposal and feasibility study to the building. But no one materialized.

In 2003, the city government of Marikina City under Mayor Marides Fernando decided to make the building a hotel, because the focus of the city government of Marikina is to promote tourism. The hotel is part of the transcendence. Initially no one knows how to run a hotel. So, the city government entered to a contract with Genesis Hotel, but they managed the hotel for only 5 months. The city government started looking for other management entity. The city government entered to a contract again with Hoteliers. When the contract of Hoteliers has ended, it come along the Typhoon Ondoy happened. After, the incident the hotel was forlorn because the city government focuses on helping people and improving the disaster prevention of the city, So they have to self-sustained themselves.

In the governance of Mayor Del De Guzman, he insisted not to contract anymore, but to lease the building to Prime Global Hotel, to gain profit. The Marikina hotel is a business owned by the city government.

The problem of the business is they use a manual procedure to reserve and check-in of customers which they write in a information card. The information card that is made which will remain at the front desk and if it was lost or destroyed there is no other information that they can use. For the transaction, they manually write down all the specific information and details of the customer.

The proponents aim to develop an integrated system utilizing Local Area Network.

This will make transaction easier, reliable and faster in terms of checking-in and checking-out of hotel guest. It will keep the records of transaction more reliable, secured and presentable compared to manual operated system. A computer-based system will enhance the procedure of transaction and it will be a big help to owner and staff to save the records of the transactions easily. The computer based system will ensure that the company will be highly secured, updated and maintained customer need.

Statement of the Problem

The general objective of the study is to design and develop an Automated Reservation System For Marikina Hotel Utilizing Local Area Network (LAN) Technology that will provide the user to specify the problem that are encountered by the staff of Marikina Hotel.

The proponents would like to answer the following problems of the existing system the company implements.

1. Low in Security

2. The current system uses filing cabinet for record keeping

3. Difficult in searching and retrieving files

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