Room Division

Topics: Management, Hotel, Interpersonal skills Pages: 11 (3323 words) Published: May 6, 2013
Rooms Division Management
Case Study Analysis 2012

Name: Wei Kei Pui, Maggie
Student ID: S2866288
Date: January 2, 2013

1. Introduction
1.1 Background
1.2 Purpose of the report
2. Problem Analysis
2.1 Limited experience to manage a large scale luxury hotel 2.2 Failure to be a good role model
2.3 Traditional management style
2.4 Poor arrangement of staff orientation and training requirement 2.5 Failure to be a good leader and listener
2.6 Poor interpersonal relationship with the subordinates 3. Literature Review
4. Critical Analysis
5. Recommendation
5.1 Attend the management training course (Refer to 2.1)
5.2 Serves as a role model (Refer to 2.2)
5.3 Utilize an open minded policy (Refer to 2.3)
5.4 Appropriate staff orientation and training (Refer to 2.4) 5.5 Being a good leader and listener (Refer to 2.5)
5.6 Develop good interpersonal skills (Refer to 2.6)
6. Summary
7. Reference
8. Appendix


2.1 Background
The Griffith Hotel is a new opened luxury hotel in Israeli. It is found that there are some human and operational issues arise in the Front Office Department. The Front Office Manager has a bad interpersonal relationship with his subordinates, high staff turnover rate and even received complaints from guests are also the reasons that making the front office department is now operating worse and worse than before.

2.2 Purpose of the report
Although the tourist and commercial hotels are leading to be a booming industry, it is not easy to maintain the occupancy rate and service standard due to the significant competition from other hotels and the high mobility rate. This report is made for follow main purposes: * To identify the main issues arise in the Front office Department * To investigate the case in order to find out the reasons behind * To offer some solutions and suggestions regarding to the case.


It is obviously to observe that the Front Office Manager, Simon, has several personal issues that are directly affecting the staff’s morale, workplace environment and atmosphere, and also the job satisfaction of the staffs. The following are the main problems and issues arise in the case:

3.3 Limited experience to manage a large scale luxury hotel Simon had been both the Assistant FOM and FOM in the previous time, but only in the luxury boutique properties with small scale operation. He didn’t have sufficient experience to manage such a large scale hotel and related knowledge about handling such a big team including Concierge Department and Telephone Operation Department. He uses all his own thought and handling methods to deal with the problems arise.

3.4 Failure to be a good role model
Simon doesn’t follow the rules and regulations regarding the use of mobile phone. He has a habit of using his cell phone when standing behind the desk.

3.5 Traditional management style
Simon is a traditional person who has a very stubborn mind. He handles things in an inflexible and straight way. He is an autocratic person as well. He always commands and orders his subordinates to achieve what he wants. He won’t allow his subordinates to call his first name directly. It shows that he is definitely a self-esteem person.

3.6 Poor arrangement of staff orientation and training requirement The new employees are required to attend only a half day orientation. It covers limited scope of the workplace policies and procedures. It is too rush and tight for them to remember and familiar with the P&P in a half day. Also they are forced to sign a declaration indicating that they acknowledge all the regulations. After that, they have a five-days training that follow with some experienced trainers....
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