Room Division Operations

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Extended-stay suites “gain traction” as option to regular hotels, apartments.

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May 22, 2009

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HTM 2400 Room Divisions Operations
An extended-stay hotel is a relatively old concept in the hotel industry but was popularized only in 1975. (InterContinental Hotels Group, 2009) This types of hotel since the begging attracted a lot of people and had a high occupancy rates. In addition consumers enjoy this type of hotels and they are relatively easy to manage. A hotel can be called an extended-stay hotel if it is made for guests who stay for periods of time longer than a couple of nights and is likely to have a higher amount of suites than standard hotels (InterContinental Hotels Group, 2009). Such hotels provide a guest with a kitchen, usually unlimited local phone is provided and housekeeping and laundry facilities as well as fitness and swimming pools. High speed internet is a must in those suits. Widely used by people who go for business trip, relocation, temporary housing or just a vacation. Suits are available for daily, weekly and monthly uses.(Extended Stay Hotels, 2009) There is quite a difference between the U.S. and European markets that has to be mentioned. The main difference is the location of the actual properties. European extended-stay hotels are mainly located in the city centers when in the U.S. they are primarily in the suburban regions. (Saunders, Filkova, 2000) Tom Bailey (2009) shows on the example of Candlewood Suites, which are the part of the InterContinental Hotels Group,(InterContinental Hotels Group, 2001-2009) how important the development of the hotels that insist on the long stays is. Extended-stay becomes more and more popular. They provide customers with all the beauties the hotel offers plus all the extra bits that a long-stay customer might...
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