Hot Sex with Stranger One Rainy Afternoon

Topics: Rubbing, Pretty Woman, Breast Pages: 5 (2267 words) Published: August 4, 2010
Hello guys, This is Chuck, I had written a true story of me and my maid Veena when I still lived in Bangalore. This one is about my encounter with a total stranger. Someone I did not get to ask her last name too, but had some of the most amazing time ever !! If my memory serves right this happened around a few months before I boinked Veena :) It was during the rainy season in 2008, My work then required me to travel between Bangalore, Chennai and Hyderabad for trainings that I used to conduct and because I moved so much, I did not buy a vehicle in Bangalore. It was a fine afternoon but as I was getting ready to leave it started raining heavy but I went downstairs anyways and stood in the parking lot of my apartment waiting for the rain to go down so that I could get to work. A lady drove in her kinetic honda all wet, obviously caught up in the sudden downpour, she seemed like a quite attractive mid 30's woman working in a corporate(the tag gave it away). She was wearing a light colored salwar. She must have been punjabi guessing by her large fit body. She parked her honda a few feet away from me and started to dry herself with a scarf of somekind. I offered my handkercheif but she gave me a no thanks. I could not help but notice she had gotten pretty wet and I could see the dark bra pretty clearly over her dress. She then let out a loud panic gasp when she realised her laptop bag had gotten pretty wet too - she took out her latitude series dell and sure enough it had drops of water on it. Thats when I felt obliged to ask her if she needed a towel to dry it off, she gave me a suspicious look and said yes. I paced to my apartment on the 1st floor and went to get her a clean towel - I saw her standing at my door step and I asked her to come in and put the fan on. She put her laptop on the table and started to wipe the laptop clean first and I asked her to use it for herself. I went in to make some chai even though she refused it. I kept talking to her through the process - she mentioned that she was an analyst at a corporate similar to mine and we had a nice conversation about crappy leadership programs these organizations come up with and while I was making my famous ginger tea - she came up to the kitchen and asked me if I lived alone. I explained that my roomie works from 9 to 6 something and I worked only when I had sessions to take. My bedroom was right next to the kitchen and she was standing in between the doors and talking to me looking into the bedroom. Veena does a great job of keeping the house clean and I sort of took credit for that - she still did not seem impressed. Now, a little bit about myself - I have been with a lot of women and have a good number of women friends and knew that I could be in trouble if I made a pass at her because she was obviously thinking I was a nice guy helping her in this situation (not unless she made a move first ) I passed the cuppa to her and said she was quite wet and that she should consider drying herself or she might catch a cold or some. She then caught me staring down at her obviously visible bra and gave me a naughty smile and asked me what I was looking at, I jokingly stammered and said I was looking at her work tag and she goes like "yeah, right". I remember saying something like - well, you should really wear your chunni over your salwar like its meant to, otherwise you might get into trouble, I dont remember what she said after that but that did break the ice between us, I then joked about it not being a great idea to wear a dark bra over a light dress and she sarcastically said that maybe she should employ me as her designer. (I realised we were past the time where she should have left the house thanking me, instead she was standing there in that wet salwar talking funny to me.) I said I would not mind that job if I got to get her into clothes and out of clothes everyday - and she gave me a long aha. There was an awkward silence after that - to make sure I did not screw...
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