Horatio and Hamlet Analysis

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Horatio and Hamlet
Hamlet by Shakespeare is a story whose plot contains an entanglement of emotions like betrayal, love, and the longing for revenge. Through the maze of Hamlet, Horatio and Hamlet are the two characters that must depend on one another. Horatio is Hamlet's most loyal friend and he is the only one he can trust when it comes to the planning of his revenge plan toward the king. However, questions arise when "what ifs" come to play. Horatio accompanies Hamlet to the meeting of the ghost, assists in the confirmation of the King's guilt, and witnesses the death of Hamlet. Many times Horatio gives advice to Hamlet, but Hamlet driven by his revenge, refuses to listen to him. Hamlet listens to no one except his father, the ghost, who only helps in the dramatic irony of his pitfall as the young prince of Denmark.

The milestone of the play is when Horatio tells Hamlet of his father's ghost. Hamlet watches the night sky and encounters his father; as he beckons to go with, Horatio pulls him back and warns him of the dangers of giving into a ghost's trickery. "What if it tempt you toward the flood...Or to the dreadful summit of the cliff [t]hat beetles o'er his base into the sea, [a]nd ther assume some other horrible form [w]hich might deprive your soverignty of reason [a]nd draw you into madness"(Shakespeare 29). Hamlet responds with anger and refuses to listens to Horatio, even threatening to "make the ghost [of the man who] lets [him]"(Shakespeare 30). If Hamlet had listened to Horatio, he would have never found out the truth of his father's death, and Hamlet would not want to get revenge and cause the death of many others. Horatio does give some good advice and if he had tried harder to persuade Hamlet instead of letting him go because he was literally afraid for his life, then maybe he could have convinced him not to go with the ghost.

Nonetheless, Hamlet does go with the ghost where he finds out about the death of his father. His Uncle murdered...
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