Hook ups starve the soul

Topics: Human sexual behavior, Definition, Sexual intercourse Pages: 2 (657 words) Published: April 28, 2014
Laura Vanderkam writes the essay, “Hookups Starve the Soul”. The essay explains the reality of most college students, the hookup. The main focus of the essay is to demonstrate that hookups may satisfy our physical needs, but they do not satisfy our emotional needs. Vanderkam mentions that the causes behind this could include sexual revolution or co-ed dorms and alcohol abuse, but she insists that there is a bigger picture behind all of this. Vanderkam defines the hookup and uses various definitions, stats, personal examples, experts, and examples from film and literature to support her thesis.

Vanderkam defines the term hook up as a physical encounter between a guy and a girl for the sole purpose of sexual interaction. Hooking up is not to be confused with dating or any other type of committed relationship. It is simply a one-time thing for one specific goal, satisfaction. Vanderkam even provides a personal example by saying “I have had as many dates in my first 2 months in the real world as I had during my whole college career.” The essay revolves around the college life, not before or after, specifically, in the freshman year.

Freshman year is a tough year. For most, it is a life changing experience that detaches you from your childhood. Being away from home, getting over the high school girlfriend, and just the overall experience can be very hard to adjust to. Friendships take work and time. Finding where you belong will not happen overnight, and that's completely normal. Depending on what college you go to, you might feel some pressure to drink.

Alcohol has various effects on the human body. Vanderkam says, “Hookups are defined by alcohol, physical attraction and a lack of expectations in the morning.” When you drink, the brain prioritizes what is most important (the ability to breathe, digestion, execution of other vital functions), so tasks like remembering and proper judgment are sometimes crippled and put aside. When this state is reached, our...
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