Homework Unit 3

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Unit 3 Homework

Pg. 71

5. Module inputName ()
Declare string name
Display"Enter Name:"
End Module
6. In passing argument by value- any changes made to the parameter value won't affect argument outside module. In passing argument by reference- Changes will affect actual argument passed to module.


3. Header- Module myModule (Integer a, integer b, integer c) Call statement - Call myModule (3,2,1)
A contains 3, B contains 2, and C contains 1

4. Display "Here are the values:"
Display arg1, " ", arg2 " " , arg3
End Module

Declare Interger age
Declare Real income
Declare String name

Call Statement- Call display ( age, income, name)

5. Module getNumber (Integer Ref value)

Display "Input number:"
Input value
End module

6. Module mail ()
Declare Integer x=1
Declare Real y=3.4
Display x " " , y
Call changeUs (x,y)
Display x, " ", y
end module

Module changeUs ( Integer a , Real b)
set a=0
set b=0
Display a, " ", b
end module

Unit 4

Pg. 111

1. Statements are execute in order according to the program code. Complex programs can need the help of a decision structure. Statements have to be true to be executed.

2. Duel Decision Structure- Tests a condition and executed if true.

3. Multiple alternative decision structure- Tests the value of a variable to determine which statements to execute.

4. AND operator- combines more than one condition in a program. Makes a compunf Boolean operation.

5. OR operator- Creates an expression that is true when with of the expressions are true.

6. And operator - If the number is not within the range then it comes back false.

7. Flag- a variable that tells when some condition exists in the program.


1. Get x value
If x is greater than 100, assign 20 to the variable y and assigns 40 to the variable z 5. Get the amount1 value
Get the amount2 value.
If the amount1 is greater than 10 and amount2 is...
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