unit 3 homework

Topics: Computer printing, Secure Shell, Linux Pages: 2 (254 words) Published: April 18, 2014
Unit 3 homework

1. What printing protocols are supported by CUPS?
IPP, LPD/LPR, HTTP, SMB, JetDirect protocols
2. Of those protocols supported by CUPS, which one is the native CUPS protocol? IPP
3. On a Fedora system, there are three main tools or sets of tools for configuring a CUPS printer. What are they? system-config-printer, CUPS web interface, and lpadmin
4. What is a URI? (Give an explanation, not just an acronym expansion.) A Universal Resource Indicator is a standard for describing the location of a resource including the protocol and port required to access it. 5. Using the command line tools, how would you add the following to print to CUPS? Model Wizbang 9000

PPD file Wizbang_9000_ps.ppd.gz (already in the foomatic database) Connected to a JetDirect print server with an IP of Accessible to all users Lpadmin –p “Wizbang 9000” –E –v socket:// –m Wizbang_9000_ps.ppd.gz

6. SSH 1 is vulnerable to what kind of attack?
Man in the middle attack

7. SSH can be used to forward which otherwise insecure protocol? It can be used for a lot of protocols including Telnet and VNC. 8. The SSH client stores keys from known servers in which file? $HOME/.ssh/known_host file.

9. Where is the main SSH server configuration file located and what is its name? /etc/ssh/sshd_config
10. How would you allow the users Archie, Jughead, and Veronica onto your SSH server and no one else? Edit etc/host.deny and type sshd: all. Then edit etc/host.allow and add sshd: Archie sshd: jughead sshd: veronica.
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