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Before I start, I will show you the outline of my presentation. I will introduce the definition of Homeschooling. Then I will mention the advantages and disadvantage of educating children at home. Besides, i will show you relevant examples in the advantages and disadvantages. Finally, I will conclude my presentation. Slide 3:

To begin, Homeschooling is teaching a child at home, typically by parents in charge, but sometimes also by the teachers been invited to the training. Other students complete homework or to learn more at home. Nowadays, homeschooling is illegal in some countries such as Greece, Germany because homeschooling: Students not enough knowledge and education levels qualities. Lack of harmony between the students have family context about different religions. Students will lose chances for developing in the future.

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Next, I will mention the advantages. Home study costs cheaper from two to three times and shortens learning time only 1/10 to 1/5 than learn in school. This will help the children excitement learning and self-aware. Slide 5:

Hereinafter, I will provide a chart of cost homeschooling. Based on graph, we can see cost home study cheaper than learn in school. Slide 6:
Secondly, homeschooling will have more time for children to learn gifted such as music, painting and dance. And parents can know their child's learning ability to what extent. Slide 7:
For example, in a class have a lot of students; teachers will not be able to know the ability to acquire of each student. Slide 8:
However, with homeschooling children will be marginalized because children do not communicate integration and participate in group activities as friends. Thus, children will be difficult adapted to society. Slide 9:

For example, those children who cannot communicate with friends of the same age can be autism and fear of crowds. Slide 10:
In conclusion, I just talked about the advantages and disadvantages. My opinion is: Each learning...
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