Home Schooling vs. Public Education

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Home Schooling vs. Public Education

Precious Curtis

Communication 155
Wanda Evans

Home Schooling vs. Public Education
Are you disappointed with the public school system? Have you ever questioned if home schooling your children was a better alternative? If so, I may have the answer you are looking for. In a statistic performed by the National Home Education Research Institute, “1.73 to 2.35 million children in grades K-12 were home schooled in the United States during the spring of 2010 and the numbers continue to increase at a rate 2-8 percent annually” (National home education, 2011). Parents are making the choice to home school because they are able to control their children learning environment and educational development. Parents that make the choice to home school are able to provide their children with the one-on-one attention that is needed to increase children’s learning abilities. Parents that chose to home school are able to build and strengthen their bond with their children because of the time they spend together and the constructive educational atmosphere. Home schooling allows a parent to control what their children are exposed to both physically and emotionally. Home schooling allows a parent to decreases their children exposure to negative influence. Children that are home schooled are less likely to drink or do drugs because they are not exposed to peer pressure, they cannot easily access the drugs and alcohol and they do not have to worry about trying to “fit in” with the children that promote these negative influences. Although there are an array of positive benefits that come with home schooling there also can be some disadvantages. Parents that home school may become over whelmed by the pressure of having to devote so much time and effort into their children educational...
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