Homeopathy: Alternative Medicine and -homeopathic Remedies

Topics: Alternative medicine, Homeopathy, Allergy Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: October 8, 1999
-Homeopathy is an affective form of treatment for many conditions including illnesses, and disease. - This medicine is made from substances such as plants, animals, or minerals. -Homeopathic remedies allow the body to heal itself without any harmful affects that might come from the use of conventional drugs

-The history of homeopathy dates as far back as Hippocrates in the 5th century. It was also used by Egyptians.

-Most people take medicine in strong doses so the drug will produce the opposite condition of what they have. -But Homeopathy works in the opposite way.
-The doses are very diluted.

-Many people like to use homeopathic remedies because they want to avoid taking such strong drugs and they want to improve the quality of their health so they can't prevent disease.

-Homeopathic remedies come in different forms.
-Some come in the form of pills, and other come in the form of powder. -There are also remedies in the form of liquids with fragrances. Each fragrance is supposed to help you better (lilac makes u feel relaxed)

-The honey bee is the source of one homeopathic remedy called Apis Mellitica. -The whole bee, including the stinger, is used to make Apis Mellitica. - This remedy cure stings, bites, allergies and inflammations.

-Homeopathy has grown in popularity all over the world.
-It's seen as a safe alternative form of medicine.

-Homeopathic remedies have long term benefits that raise your level of health. - It also makes you less vulnerable to disease later in your life.

-snake venim cures head aches, nose bleeds and sore throats
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