Home Decorations Made Up of Indigenous Materials

Topics: Bathing, Seashell, Beauty Pages: 2 (330 words) Published: October 15, 2012
Premian, Abigail P.Ms. Lendel I. Dalisay
Home Decorations Made up of Indigenous Materials
* Furniture
This furniture uses indigenous materials such as rattan in innovative and nontraditional ways to create a modern sensibility and an Asian sensitivity to craftsmanship and natural materials to create contemporary styles with a human touch.

* Curtains
This curtain is an eco-friendly product of our nature that is made up of small seashells inserted together with small/ young bamboo sticks which is recently used in different craft and designs. * Bathroom Decor

With a seashell design, bath ensemble will add an element of nature to your bathroom decor. The wastebasket and boutique tissue holder are made of wicker and adorned with a seashell shape, while the toothbrush holder, soap dish, lotion dispenser and tumbler are made of ceramic. Coordinate all the pieces of the bath ensemble together with the Inspirational Shores shower curtain and bath towels for a lovely look * House Decors

A great display that is only made up of seashells which is patiently organize into an animal shaped figures that create a simple but artistic design. Also the hanging display on the ceiling will surely beautify your surrounding.

* Display balls
Those hanging balls are made up of wicked rattan (you can also use bamboo strips) inserted with bamboo sticks to the thread used to able to add some details into it and painted with variety of propitious colors . * Chandelier

This chandelier is an elegant looking and superior in both style and craftsmanship. This is made up of local indigenous materials such as shells for the interior body and coconut shells or husks for other details. This is handcrafted to perfection for local consumption or for export. * Food Covers & Trays

It is simple and plain yet exudes a great sense of creativity and uniqueness. These products are only made of sinamay. A simple product like these is a perfect...
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