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The academic performance of any child cannot be separated from the home background in which the child grows up. A healthy home background offers emotional security to a child.  Agholor (2005), This investigation that has adopted refined measure of family, influences have tended to show that they are related more strongly to academic outcome, than global measure of family background. The impact of family background on the academic achievement in school is today receiving wide acknowledgment in many, educational circles within the globe, the attention with this factor is receiving is tend credence to this point of view that influence the home has \on the child learning. The child’s fundamental concepts of life his values and most of his habits and basic adjustment are established during pre-school years. Asaga (2006) this highlight the fact that the home and parent occupy the most important position in the child’s educational environment and whatever he could make out of it in the same way Akinboye (1996) trace their view from the time the child is born into the family and felt that the tone of the child mother or child father interaction and the style of discipline in the family may have effect on the (learning) rates of the child. The child’s environment outside the school (his home background) determines his academic performance of the children. STATEMENT OF THE PROBLEM   

       This study is basically to find out how the home background of a child affects his academic performance everyone is born with some potentials, or abilities which could be utilized to the optimum for the development of his personal although students may be exposed to the same teacher and the same condition in the school yet, they may not attain to wonder why there are remarkable differences in their performance hence this study is intended to find out to which extent the variable in the home background contribute to his academic...
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