Home School vs. Public School

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Home Schooling vs. Public SchoolSchooling is an important decision in educating children. In today’s world more and more families are choosing to home school their children. While there are advantages and disadvantages to both options. The major factors in deciding which option is best are the learning environment, the curriculum, and meeting the needs of the child or children. Advantages: Home School

Learning environment. Children within the home school environment are more likely to be calm and comfortable in his or her home. The children will not have the peer pressure of the public school, but the children will have peer pressure from his or her siblings. The children may also show competiveness to one another. A child will feel safer in his or her home surrounding which will give them a better success rate in his or her learning and testing scores (Public School vs. Home School). In a recent study children that are home schooled, test in reading, language, and math are in the 88th percentile, whereas public school children are in the 50th percentile (Home School Domination). Children are more comfortable with his or her family which let the child have less fear and allow them to focus and study more. The beneficial factor of home school is the child or children can create a bond with his or her family, and a closeness that lets the child or children learn at his or her own pace, and feel comfortable with his or her learning style, for there is no right or wrong way to learn. Curriculum. There are many types of home school curriculums a parent can choose to teach their child or children. In order to choose the right option the parent addresses the child or children and makes a choice based on his or her needs. Some of the curriculum options are the traditional approach, the unit study approach, the Charlotte Mason approach, and the un-schooling approach (Educational Philosophies Defined). Curriculum can be taught as long as a child needs,...

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