Hole in the Wall

Topics: Vietnamese cuisine, Phở, Beef noodle soup Pages: 3 (1030 words) Published: August 26, 2013
Hidden treasure in the big city

One thing that all people can relate to is the love for wonderful food. You never see people not wanting to share a great dining experience with friends, family, or the world through social websites. In every person you see the excitement of trying new foods and restaurants. We have all had that perfect dining experiences that have made an imprint on our lives.

Well what I want to share with you is a place that is hidden within the growing metro of Makati in an unlikely place. This little place is a hole in the wall restaurant called Ba Noi, this little restaurant strives to deliver an authentic Vietnamese experience to their customers in the big city of Makati.

Let me go into the history of Ba Noi briefly. As explained by the owner, this restaurant is being managed by two men a Filipino and a Vietnamese, who got all the dishes from his grandmother. Which also became the name since Ba Noi means grandmother in the father’s side in Vietnamese. Ba Noi puts pride that they serve some of the best authentic Vietnamese food in manila.

Well enough about the history, let’s get down to business, I know what you all want to hear. Let’s talk about the FOOD. Well in total I tried nine different dishes each with its own individual flavor that stood out from the rest. First off the bat would be the Pho Bo which is a homemade beef noodle soup with spices and fresh herbs. The broth was tasty without being overpowering that would normally overpower the flavors of the spices and the fresh herbs but this was not the case you could taste every flavor in the dish. The balance of the dish is worth mentioning since you rarely get such good beef noodles which is not overpowering in taste. What also interested me was the fact that in the menu, there was a guide on how to eat the dish. First, you need to squeeze the lime on your pho then add the bean sprouts and the basil after that, put the chili depending on your taste and finally, add the...
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