Topics: Heart, Heart disease, Hypertension Pages: 2 (492 words) Published: February 25, 2013
|Name: Isaac Abud Couoh |Student´s number: 2600467 | |Course title: |Teacher’s name: | |English VIII |Miss Cathy Larsen Bolen | |Module: |Activity: | |1.World Health in the Twenty First Century |1.Continuing Ideas | |Date: 31/01/12 |Team: | |Bibliography: | |UTM. Topic Explanation 1. Available: http://cursos.tecmilenio.edu.mx/cursos/at8q3ozr5p/prof/in/in09008/bb/objeto1/explica.htm |

Learn and apply the correct use of continuing ideas, using a correct vocabulary in a real context to create my main ideas.

You belong to a government committee on health care. You have $20 million to finance a project that is intended to lower the dead rate from heart disease. As a member of the committee, decide which of the following two projects should receive the $20 million. Project 1: Develop an artificial human heart.

Project 2: Inform the public about the link between heart disease and lifestyle. Take a decision and justify it. Take notes about your ideas because in the next class you’re going to have a small discussion with your classmates.

I will vote for the human heart, my first reason is because the Mexican culture is reckless to learn about lifestyle, habits and diseases. We can forget the fact that we are the first in the list of countrys with childhood obesity...
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