Discussing Literature and Government CA

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Course Activity Semester A

Discussing Literature and Government

This activity will help you meet these educational goals:
Common Core State Standards—You will initiate and participate effectively in a collaborative discussion (SL.1).

In this course activity, you will participate in a peer discussion about how literary or other artistic pursuits and governmental, religious, political, or social structures affect one another. Afterward, you will summarize the discussion and how it helped shape your thinking about your original ideas. __________________________________________________________________________

Directions and Analysis
Task: Peer Discussion and Summary

Your Discussion Process
For this task, you’ll need to work as part of a pair who can meet for a face-to-face discussion. Your teacher will identify a process for this task that fits your learning situation. For instance, if you’re working primarily on your own in this course with no on-site classmates (self-paced course) the process will be a little different than if you are learning with one or more other students in the same building and on the same schedule (group-paced course). Discussions in those two cases are outlined below.

Group-paced course
The teacher organizes pairs or enables students to self-organize. In the discussion session, students take turns presenting their thesis and then discussing each thesis. Students alternate playing the role of the presenter.

Plan to spend at least 20 minutes to present and discuss each thesis. Refer to the Discussion Summary below. You will want to take brief notes during the discussion so that you can easily complete this Discussion Summary afterwards.

Self-paced course
You will find one other person to participate in this discussion with you. This person could be a classmate from another course, a friend, or a sibling. This person should be roughly your age, if possible, so you can have a thoughtful discussion...
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