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Hofstede cultural dimensions analysis with multinational business management _______France, Britain, Germany , Italy

Today, the world economic integration process , the company's multinational operations has become an unstoppable trend . But the Eastern and Western cultures have a huge difference . It is easy to generate conflict in business management . Cross-cultural management refers to: multinational companies operating in the presence of various cultural differences of people and things , management mechanisms, and properly handle the cultural conflict, maximize the potential of employees and to achieve corporate strategic goals. Hofstede cultural dimensions contains five areas :power distance (PDI)、uncertainty avoidance (UAI)、individualism vs.collectivism (IDV)、masculinity vs. Femininity(MAS)、long term vs. short term (LTO).

China and France, as the East and the West has a long history and cultural traditions of the country, there are many differences between them on the Hofstede cultural dimensions. China & France Hofstede cultural dimensions

From the table we can know that : France can accept a large power distance(PDI) . They urgently required to prevent operation of the uncertainty .Therefore organizational structures tend pyramid . But the weakness of this pyramid structure is unwieldy information communication .So the manager must know:French prefer to accept hierarchy . They focus on the relationship between family members backup , And hierarchical relationship between monarch. France on individualism vs.collectivism (IDV) score far more than China . This means that in their society, individualism is the mainstream cultural values , and more respect for the value of the individual .So France is individualism . In sometimes French people do not like to be too intimate with others , in order to avoid loss of independence. In the Masculinity vs. Femininity (MAS) , China on MAS score higher than France . It shows that China tend to male values of society , but France tend to female social values.France focus on harmonious culture. France score high on uncertainty avoidance (UAI) , so It has a strong "uncertainty avoidance" culture . It is the idealism, and it pursues absolute truth .The French don’t like surprises . Before meetings and negotiations they like to receive all necessary information. From the number of the long term vs. short term (LTO) , we know Chinese culture are long-term oriented,however French culture is short-term oriented culture . French people like instant results .For most people , they pay more attention to the current situation . Because in their view , the future is ambiguous , the most real physical presence in the here and now . People tend to make decisions and get results quickly . They are accustomed to always adjust policy. In summary , Managers can not ignore to shape the value of the companies jointly . Common values can guide and encourage all employees to achieve business goals and work together . Learn from each other , and exert their own cultural superiority . At work , managers should arrange the main task , and every employee clear their jobs . The most important things is communication . France advantage is its advanced management concepts , management system is perfect , standard operating procedures . Then the company should establish a strict hierarchy , respect the majority people’s view . France tend to female social value , so the company need to ensure the quality of life of employees . The wages make employee satisfaction , and respect for their human rights .

Germany is a rigorous and realistic national , It has a significant cultural differences between China .

China & France Hofstede cultural dimensions

Germany gets a low score on PDI , we can know it is a low power distance countries...
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