The Cultural Differences Between France

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The Cultural Differences Between France and China1
The Differences on NAMEs1
The Differences on Courtesy2
The Differences on Repast2
The Differences on Living Habits4
The Differences on Personalities5

The Cultural Differences Between France and China
With the development of the technology and the economic, more and more Chinese are studying at France. More or less we have known something about France when I was in China. But discover the differences between France and China through book is unilateral. The best way to explore the cultural differences is to experience them and compare them by your own. After came to France for almost three months, I’ve explored many cultural differences between this two countries. So let’s see what are these differences I have found. The Differences on NAMEs

The first difference I found is that in France, people’s first name comes first, followed by their family name. While in China it is on the contrary, our family name should be in front of people’s first. I think the difference is because French people are more focus on themselves, they are more focus on individuals. Chinese people put family name first is because we think our ancestor and our family are more important. The second difference on names is that we could know the sexuality of French just through his or her first name. Normally, girls’ first names end with an “e” while boys’ first name without it. If you want to judge a Chinese sexuality through his or her name, it will impossible or very difficult. Because in the past, most parents want to have boys more than girls, and if their wish couldn’t come true, they will give their daughter(s) a male name to hope they could have a boy. The Differences on Courtesy

Say “Hello!”
In France, when people met those who are not familiar they will say “Bonjour”, while in China people will say “吃了吗”, the literal meaning is “did you ate something”. Besides, when French meet their friends, they’ll say “Salut” or “ça va” to their friends. Say “Goodbye.”

It’s interesting that when French people to say goodbye. Because they have many different kinds of “goodbye”:au revoir, salut and ciao. And in China, we only have one expression of goodbye. The appellations on elder

In France, children might call their parents’ or grand-parents’ name to show their intimation of their family. But in China, it is totally forbidden to call your parents’ name. While calling your parents’ name means you are not respect for your parents. This is a tradition we kept five thousand years ago. The Differences on Repast

Eating habits
Around all the traditional cultural differences between France and China, the most distinctive one is the differences on eating habits. There are three symbolic of France: fashion, perfume and food. I’ve heard a famous sentence – if you don’t eat French food you will not understand French people. From this we could know that the foods’ importance to French people. But China is also a country with endless delicious foods. After observation, I have found the following differences on eating habits: a) The first difference we must talk about is the different tableware. In China, while eating we use chopsticks or spoon sometimes. In France, people use folk, spoon and knife if it is a casual meal. But if you eat in a formal meal, there will be different folks, spoons and knives with different sizes and functions. I think it is difficult for me, I didn’t know the differences between these folks, spoons and knives until now. b) The second difference I found is that in France, everyone decides what they want and everyone have their own dishes. They eat dishes one by one, they just eat what they have and never offer food to each other. In China, people will eat together, we share every dishes after all the foods prepared on the table. Besides, we will offer foods to others to show our enthusiasm. This is our tradition and our...
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