"Office Space" Movie Review

Topics: Geert Hofstede, Office Space, Motivation Pages: 5 (1157 words) Published: October 25, 2008
The organization shown in the movie (INITECH) was clearly a case of multicultural environment comprised several identities, nationalities and different religions. (E.g. Samir is an Arab Muslim) In the light of contractual relationship among employees as well as employees with their organization, we have observed several types of contracts such as psychological contract (peter with himself which after the hypnotism has been changed significantly during the story), the implicit contract between Lumbergh as the boss and concerned department in INITECH…

Due to the fact that the management performance in several terms such as staffing, communication, coherence performance, positive organizational beliefs/values and constructing proper process of motivation ……was in general inadequate and weak, we have observed broadly inefficient depressive organization with lots of destructive conflicts where every body focus only on the forms and ignore contents, consequently all the personnel suffering from dissatisfaction and constant anxiety. Accordingly, all the recovery approaches such as hiring consultant, was not successful. Moreover it seems that the perception of the consulting services was not properly implemented by the manager. They took decisions instead of supporting decision making process for the manager. In other words and with regards to the Hofstede cultural dimensions approach, this organization can be analyzed and classified as follows:

1.Power distance index (PDI)
The organization classified as large power distance due to the fact that employees accepted and expected the power is distributed unequally. (Apparently, Milton and other employees have accepted the complete sever control and unconditional orders dictate by upper level- they never had problem of power inadequate distribution).

2.Individualism (IDV)
The organization considered as high individualized one, for the reason that every individual focuses on their own interest. (Milton was very much obsessive for his radio with no respect to Peter distraction)

3.Masculinity (MAS)
We observed that every single employee were result-oriented with poor interpersonal relations, therefore the company maybe classified as masculine rather than feminine.

4.Uncertainty Avoidance Index (UAI)
The employees of the company highly shown negative reaction against uncertain situations and avoid any kind of probable changes. For instance: Avoidance and anxiety shown during the presence of the consultants. The office atmosphere takes a tense turn when the employees are informed that INITECH is bringing in a consultant to help improve efficiency. All the employees were nervous about interviewing for their own jobs.

Furthermore, We may refer to Johari's Window to clarify the relationship between self-disclosure and feedback, by which the key persons of the movie are classified as follow:

Lumbergh: is in Arena cell, which means what he knows about himself and what others know about him. For instance, such things as observable behavior, or attitudes and values that he knows he hold and that he has revealed to others.

Peter: who is in Unknown cell, which means the organization doesn’t know what he wants and neither does he. For instance, neither he nor the organization knows how to motivate him.

Milton: is in Facade cell, which means he knows something about himself that others don’t know. For example, he doesn’t like his work but he behaves as if he likes to work in INITECH.

Samir: is also in Facade cell. He worries about job security but he never tells the organization. Michel: is in Facade cell too. He never shows his dissatisfaction about the company.


We have considered ourselves as consultants of the INITECH Company entitled to recognize symptoms and correlated problems in the organization, which are listed as below: 1.Different perceptions of the languages

1-1.Time : working time...
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